Poverty Alleviation and Economic Opportunity

We unite to use our combined resources for nonviolent, compassionate action.
Quested Peace CC helps refugees in Jordan

URI 合作圈 use a variety of strategies to try to help redress economic injustices in many parts of the world. 

Examples of our work in this Action Area:

  • 在新冠肺炎疫情期间, URI member groups around the world have launched into action making and distributing sanitary supplies, bringing food and necessary items door-to-door to families in need, 提供情感支持, and helping those most affected by the disaster.
  • 在尼日利亚, Center for 环境al 教育 and Development helps small farmers retain the rights to their farmland when corporations and mining companies try to take it away.
  • 吉里詹发展行动, 在Bhadrachalam, 印度, has filed 24 legal cases for compensation on behalf of exploited tribal women, and provides self-help and career skills training.
  • In the 非洲 Great Lakes region, Latter Glory of Religions in Busoga CC members teach families the importance of sending girl children to school along with their brothers, breaking the cycle of poverty for women and allowing them to pursue careers, which enriches the community as a whole.
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